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Chengdu Rushi Spices Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 1989, Rushi is a professional supplier of quality Sichuan pepper and spices in China. Specializing in the industry for more than three decades, it has been developed into large spices production and processing enterprise focusing on raw material purifying selection and professional powder manufacturing.

We have two brands: "Rushi, Medelic", and have established three production factories in Guanghan and Pengzhou of Sichuan Province. Meanwhile, we have a strong upstream spices raw material procurement system and processing technology advantages, and continue to provide standardized, safe, stable and controllable supply guarantee for food industry, seasoning manufacturing, and chain restaurants.

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Core Advantages

Raw material guarantee
Raw material guarantee

Good raw materials lead to superior products, so we work with our supplier partners to create a "symbiotic and win-win" supply chain ecosystem. By establishing standards and rules that are more conducive to industry development and a safe and controlled supply chain system and setting stricter safety and quality standards, we can control the source of raw materials and ensure product safety.

Intelligent manufacturing
Intelligent manufacturing

Our factory has fully realized the data, process and visualization traceability system of production, and monitored and recorded each link to make the production process controllable and traceable. In addition, we innovatively adopt a three-dimensional plant structure, including bottom-up feeding, top-down fully automated production, and closed silo storage to minimize logistics and transport links, and reduce losses and pollution.

Stable product quality
Stable product quality

The company has a well-improved independent testing capability as well as a quality and safety management system. Supported by that, the whole process of raw material harvesting, quality storage, production and processing, and finished product testing can be controlled and tracked, thus ensuring stable product quality and flavor control.

Personalized and precise customization
Personalized and precise customization

We have been practicing the mission of "To create a better life with diverse flavors ". Aiming to satisfy our customers' real needs, we are committed to helping our customers make delicious food with our products. We organize more than 300 groups of customer interviews every year to absorb customers' feedback and real needs, so as to provide customers with higher quality and more precise customized services.

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228 Xingnong Road West Section, Mengyang Street, Pengzhou City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
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