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Chinese Cassia Powder

Chinese Cassia is the bark of several species of trees in the genus Cinnamomum within the family Lauraceae, rich in essential oils with cinnamaldehyde as the main component. It is one of the most widely used spices around the world. Cinnamon is mainly found in regions such as Guangxi in China.

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Chinese Cassia Powder Description

Chinese Cassia contains essential oils composed of aldehydes and terpene compounds. The main components include cinnamaldehyde, α-copaene, β-bisabolene, and α-eudesmol, among others. It has significant medicinal and culinary value.

Chinese Cassia Powder Attributes


Chinese Cassia/Cinnamon





Production yield



3-60 mesh


Raw material - steam sterilization(Optional) - iron removal - crushing - sieving - mixing - metal inspection - packaging

Shelf Life

18 months

Packaging Method

The inner package is food grade inner film bag, the outer package is woven bag

Storage Conditions

Cool, dry and avoid light place

Packaging of Chinese Cassia Powder

Packaging of Red Sichuan Pepper Powder

Packaging Specifications and Sizes




The inner packaging is food grade aluminum foil bag.The outer packaging is woven bag or carton


1kg:35*23*9cm; 5kg: 70*47*9cm

20kg: 85*55*21.5cm

carton: 44.5*31.5*25.3cm

Label identification: According to customer's requirements and in accordance with laws and regulations.

OEM & ODM of Chinese Cassia Powder

1. In addition to offering whole Sichuan pepper kernels, we can also supply Red sichuan pepper flakes and powder with particle sizes ranging from 5 to 60 mesh.

2. All products can be treated with steam sterilization.

3. We offer a variety of packaging options ranging from 500g to 20kg for your selection.

Uses of Chinese Cassia Powder

Cinnamon, as a common spice and herb, has a wide range of uses:

  • Culinary Uses: Cinnamon is used as a seasoning in cooking to enhance the aroma and flavor of food. It is commonly used in baking (such as bread, cakes, cookies, and desserts), as well as in flavoring coffee and hot chocolate, and in cooking curries, meats, and jams.

  • Fragrances and Essences: The scent of cinnamon is used in the manufacture of perfumes, essences, and air fresheners.

  • Health Products: Due to its health benefits, cinnamon is also processed into various health products, such as tea and powdered supplements.

  • Aromatherapy: Cinnamon essential oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, improve mood, and help with relaxation.

  • Oral Hygiene Products: The antibacterial properties of cinnamon make it a common ingredient in oral hygiene products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

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