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Inspection Report | 2022 Ruishi Green Sichuan Pepper (Zanthoxylum Armatum DC) Base Inspection Report of the New Season (Ⅱ)

◭ For the risk of green sichuan pepper (Zanthoxylum armatum DC) in pesticide residues and primary processing, what does rushi do?

1. Pre-production area research

1) early in the production season, the organization of personnel in-depth research, sampling, measurement, testing, etc., the quality of sichuan pepper and food safety in the production area to assess the screening, and record archives.

Pre-Production Area Research

2. Implement base cooperation

1)Establishing strategic partnership with green sichuan pepper planting bases to guide and monitor the whole process from seedling, planting, fertilizing, dosing, harvesting and drying, and implementing standardized management.

Implement Base Cooperation

2) Green sichuan pepper cooperation base: Rui Da Shun He green sichuan pepper base, Heng Shun green sichuan pepper base, Delai green sichuan pepper base.

3. Processing link

1) Raw materials to the plant sampling inspection: each batch of raw materials acquired to the plant, in accordance with “GB/T 12729.2-2020 spices and condiments sampling methods” sampling for internal or external inspection, the assessment of the test indexes are summarized and entered into the system.

2) Selection processing: Through RuShi’s 9-step purifying selection process and the 27-pass filtration technology to remove impurities, foreign objects, metals, pollutants in the original material, the purity of raw materials to 99.5%.

Selection Processing

4. Storage

1)Sorting and stacking: sorting and stacking raw materials to reduce the risk of tampering and avoid contact with toxic and harmful substances.

2)Low temperature storage: -10-0℃ large-capacity cold storage for quality preservation, effectively reducing the loss of active ingredients of sichuan pepper, so that the quality of sichaun pepper reaches a relatively stable state.

5. Regular quality inspection 

Select a batch of raw materials from each origin, takes samples separately, and stores them under room temperature and refrigerated conditions. Regular monthly sensory and physicochemical index (volatile oil, hemp) testing, and monthly testing data will be organized and filed.

Regular Quality Inspection

6. Integrated Assessment

Through this visit, the food safety level of green sichuan pepper raw materials can be assessed as relatively safe in terms of planting, primary processing and storage.

2022 is a bumper crop year for green sichuan pepper, due to the extreme weather of continuous drought since July this year, the growth of green sichuan pepper has been greatly affected, although the base management will irrigate the growing green sichuan pepper trees in time, but also to green sichuan pepper growers caused certain losses, it is expected that next year green sichuan pepper has a certain extent of yield reduction. (Data for the our team inspection statistics, for reference only)

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