Gansu Fennel(Foeniculum vulgare P.miller) 1104A

Short Description:

Name: Gansu Fennel(Foeniculum vulgare P.miller)

No.: 1104A

Ingredients: 100% Fennel

Origin: Gansu China

Odour: The characteristic smell of Fennel

Colour: Yellowish green or emerald green

Application: Hot pot, marinating, sauce, seasoning, etc.

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Fennel(Latin name: Foeniculum vulgare P.miller) is a genus of fennel in the Apiaceae family, mainly distributed in Yumen, Gansu, often planted in local plain fields, harvested from August to September every year.

Our 1104A product adopts net selection of 100% naturally dried cumin granules, its appearance is emerald green or yellow-green, the ends are slightly pointed, the fruit is oblong-oval, spicy and slightly sweet, often used in catering, hot pot, cooking, stew, marinade, etc.

General Properties

Name Fennel(No.: 1104A)
Ingredients 100% Fennel
Country of origin Gansu China
Odour The characteristic smell of Fennel
Colour Yellowish green or emerald green
Shape Granule

Physical-Chemical Properties



Method of analysis

Moisture (ml/100g)


GB 5009.3-2016

Total ash(%)


GB 5009.4-2016

Acid-insoluble ash(on dry basis)(%)


GB 5009.4-2016




Pesticide Residue

The product conforms to the maximum residue limit of pesticide in food of GB 2763 National Food Safety Standard.

Contaminants and Mycotoxins

The product conforms to the limit of contaminants in food of GB 2762 National Food safety standard.


GB 2761 National Standard for Food Safety. Limits of mycotoxins in food.


This product has not been subjected ionizing radiation.


The product is free from all the allergen mentioned below

Ethyl alcohol Mollusk and Derivatives
Gluten containing cereals and Derivatives Meat products
Crustaceans,Shellfish and Derivatives Coconut and Derivatives
Fish and Derivatives Additives
Egg and Derivatives Carrot and Derivatives
Peanut and Derivatives Sugar and Derivatives
Soybean and Derivatives Sesame seed & derivatives
Milk and Derivatives The content of sulfur dioxide or sulfite is more than 10ppm, expressed as SO2
Nut and Derivatives Lupin and Derivatives
Celery and derivatives leaf mustard and Derivatives

Packaging and Specifications

Packaging: The inner package is food grade PE bag. The outer package is bag or carton.

Packing size: 25kg/piece, 1kg/bag*15bag/piece

Storage and Transportation

Shelf-life: 18 months.

Storage conditions: The product should be kept in a clean, cool, dry area away from insects, rodents, birds and pungent odor.

Transportation conditions: It needs to be transported at normal temperature.the sun and rain should be prevented during transportation.

Do not be transported with poisonous, harmful, odorous articles. Do not use contaminated vehicles to transport.


Packaging,Specifications and Size


1kg/bag*15bag/carton, 1kg/bag*12bag/carton,1kg/bag*8bag/carton,



The inner packaging is food grade aluminum foil bag.The outer packaging is woven bag or carton


25kg:55*30*100cm; Large carton:53*29*38cm, medium carton:49*25*36cm,

small carton: 49*25*19cm;

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